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Guitar Jones MT31GB 3 in 1 Metronome, Guitar Tuner & Tone Generator


3 in 1 metronome, tuner and tone generator. Large multi-function LED display. Tuning range A0-A3. Chromatic or manual guitar and bass tuning. Tuning guide LEDs. A2-A6 tone generator. Metronome tempo 30-230 bpm. 9 beat settings. Volume control. Built-in mic. Earphone and input sockets. Built-in stand. 2 AAA batteries and instrument pickup included. Black
Price: 39.95
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Planet Waves Clip On Headstock Guitar & Stringed Instrument Tuner - CT-10
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The D’Addario Planet Waves Clip-On Headstock Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses, and other stringed instruments utilizing vibrations rather than sound. Using a highly sensitive piezo sensor and large multi-color display, the Clip-On Headstock Tuner allows you to tune easily and accurately in noisy and dimly lit environments where many other tuners fail. The tuner features a flip-up display that automatically powers the tuner on when opened and off when closed. The 360° rotatable display allows for use on right-handed and left-handed instruments.
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Price: 39.95
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